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The MeCon App includes sample Arduino source code for controlling robot servo motors via your PC com port. Manual control as well as record and play back motion path files. Arduino example code shows how to control servo position update speed and reverse motor rotation via commands to the microprocessors serial port (USB port). MeCon allows for quick motion control without having to learn code and or build additional electronic circuitry.

New! MeCon Robot Servo Control Software Version 1.5 Download.


Older Versions: if something is not working correctly try an older version and Please report the issue

along with version number using your kit help email. your feedback helps!

Download MeCon Robot Servo Control Software Version 1.4


MeCon Version 1.4

Incorporated all of previous dev releases. Added pause and rewind buttons for motion path playback.

Edited some text and labels to improve usability. Disabled old "config" comport settings. Fixed missing line bug with looped playback option.


New Features in MeCon D_1.3

ROBOTIO NANO Controller wiring diagrams added.

Run motion path files from Arduino Memory (SRAM) with new Array sketch code generator, allows

running motion file without being connected to MeCon on your computer.

New SRAM array example Arduino code.


New Features in MeCon D_1.21

Fixed Issue when deployed on Win10,( Comport Scan Error)

No longer use .zip compression to save confusion with extraction processes, directly executable .exe file now

 download and place in your folder of choice, Example "C:\MeCon\MeConVerD_1.21.exe"

Two additional servo control's. Can be used with robotic arms that have 4,5 or 6 servo motor's.

Auto detect com ports. always plug in your USB cable before starting MeCon.

Moves buttons. assign up to 9 motion path files and play them with the press of a button.

Loop motion playback option added.

New Arduino code sample for driving up to 6 servo motors.


MeCon currently runs on Windows OS systems only.


Download Arduino IDE Software - The Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) enables you to modify the robotic arm control example source code (copy and paste code from the MeCon resources window) or write your own code and then download it to your Arduino compatible microcontroller.


Learn about Arduino Programing With this PDF Guide - Handy programing reference and basic structure and syntax for the Arduino Microcontroller.


Download Arduino Compatible Serial Port CH340/CH341 Drivers for Windows PC - If you are using one of the many Arduino compatible boards and on an older PC you may need to install this serial port driver to allow communication over its USB port. Should already be installed on Win8.1 and above.