MeArm Robotic Arm  Kit Status = Retired

The Original MeArm Robotic Arm desktop class robot design grabbed the attention of makers around the world. it grabbed Microbot Labs attention in a big way too, in fact you can say it is the reason for Microbotlabs existence. it opened our eyes to the possibility of having an affordable robotics system for about the same price as entry level Arduino starter kits that pretty much just enabled you to make programmable blinking lights. Hmm... Blinking light vs a real workable programmable robotic arm! The robotic arm wins!, at least in our view. of course combine the two and its a win win situation for getting people interested in the many fields that encompass robotics such as computer programing, mechanical engineering, electronic circuit design. it is hard to dismiss the incredible imagination inspiring coolness that robots represent. The MeArm was Microbot Labs Inspiration to design a more extensible DIY robotic arm kit. the result was the ArmUno with every kit including ready to use MeCon robot control software and quick change jaw claws. The ArmUno 2.0 kit takes extensibility to the limit with its end effector tooling socket, micro controller friendly base, sensor brackets and many more options in development.

MeArm Robotic Arm 3d Model

Our vision of what a desktop robotic arm should be can be viewed here ArmUno Version 1.0 model. Check out the Thingiverse page that introduced us to the MeArm Project and see how it has inspired others to make a robotic arm from scratch.