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Notice: The original ArmUno desktop Robotic arm design has been superseded by the New ArmUno 2.0 Kit.

This is the reference page for the original Armuno 1.0 desktop robot arm kit and is presented for historical reference.

and so...

Farewell , Microbotlabs ceases production of the original ArmUno. Shown below is the original preproduction prototype for the ArmUno A1HD robotic arm kit.

But Why!?...

 Namely  we felt that the original design lacked extensibility. we wanted a more modular system that allowed for more flexible experimentation in desktop class robotics. to this end the ArmUno 2.0 has a versatile end effector tooling slot that enable the repositioning of the gripper as well a way to attach addition sensor brackets easily. also a base plate that is bolt hole ready to mount many of todays growing number of micro controllers popular with educators and hobbyist.

 Complexity is another improvement, look at how many bolts (10!) are used in the gripper mechanism! this has been reduced to just 3 bolts. now thats good engineering! I loved and will miss the ArmUno1.0 (still one of the coolest looking robot arms in my book!) but eagerly look forward to the new experimentation possibilities of the ArmUno 2.0 Robot Arm!



If you purchased your kit after April/3/2017 you have the New ArmUno 2.0 Kit.


ArmUno 1.0 Robotic Arm 3d Model  Kit  Status = Retired

Zoom and rotate to get a good view of the ArmUno Version 1.0 Robotic Arm

View the Version 1.0 assembly guide and download the servo control software